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Western Cape, South Africa

Mount Ceder

Another superb getaway! This was our first quick visit, and because there is so much to see and do there, we could not capture all the attractions in the amount of time we had. We focused on a few of the chalets, and all I can say is that this is truly a destination you need to add to your list.

We will be updating this blog as and when we get a chance to see more of the attractions they have to offer. We will definitely be booking a camping weekend, as besides the gorgeous chalets, they have a campsite, each with its own ablution facility.

Getting There

Getting to Mount Ceder from Cape Town is in itself a great experience. An easy drive on well maintained roads, with exquisite views and breathtaking scenery. As one approaches the Mount Ceder region you are greeted with a sign that explains that you are now in Leopard territory!

Mostly tarred road, through Ceres and up over the pass to a small town called "Op Die Berg", which is also worth having a quick look at. That won't take long. Turn right soon after leaving the town, and then it is straight to Mount Ceder for another 50km or so, with the last 32km on Gravel. The fist 10km of gravel is a little rough, but I made it in a small car without any trouble. Corrugations on this section might justify you letting your tyres down a bit, and engaging 4x4 High, if you have it, just for that added safety. But, any car will make this trip, and because at times the gravel is so good, one is tempted to do a bit of rally driving. Don't .... Good advice is to stick to the 80 km/h speed limit!

Along the route I was so tempted to take photos of the most beautiful views and the most stunning bright red flowers I have ever seen! I was running a bit late, so regretfully passed these opportunities.

The two and a half hours on the road was part of the fun, and I don't even like driving!

Chalets nestled in the mountains

Unique Attractions

Once again, the main attraction for me is that this is a quiet and peaceful getaway destination, far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. This is a photographer's paradise, with a wide variety of landscapes and scenery to photograph.

The next time we go there, probably to camp, we will take advantage of what Mount Ceder has to offer in the way of unique attractions. Water, and the natural pools alongside the chalets are I am sure one of the main attractions in the summer months. Walks and hikes, and hopefully the rare opportunity to photograph a leopard in the wild... remembering of course that this is leopard territory. The leopard is apparently the only Cat that cannot be tamed, and is a solitary animal, keeping out of site as much as possible.

The Chalets are self-catering, but there is a restaurant at the main complex, where one can enjoy a meal and sun-downers after a day of taking in the spectacular views, walking, swimming and hiking.

In the winter months there are few who will venture into the water, but this season brings with it a whole new experience with snow, ice and cozy log fires. Then there are the flowers as Spring approaches, as you can see in the photo above. This is nature at its best


As mentioned above, we have not had a chance to see the Camp Site, but Chalets are gorgeous, nestled in the mountains, all with their own space and privacy and stunning views. Visit the website at, where they have very good 360 degree images and virtual tours of their facilities... this is a great way of providing a very realistic view of what to expect. The sad thing about photos is that it is not possible to accurately portray the overall experience, the peace and quiet, the smells and sounds of nature.

One of the Chalets nestled in the mountains, hidden from the world and surrounded by nature.


Mount Ceder is definitely worth a visit, and close enough to Cape Town for a weekend getaway. The hosts are wonderful, and you are assured of excellent service. The only challenge at this stage is the lack of cell phone coverage, but the main building provides access to WiFi as and when needed. Less interruptions and more peace and quiet; that's the way I see it.

We will be adding to this blog at a later stage, but their website provides a lot more detail: